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How To Take Care of Your Fashion/Costume Jewelry.

MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 4. STORE YOUR FASHION/COSTUME JEWELRY CORRECTLY! Most fashion/costume pieces deteriorate quickly because they are not stored properly. In the past, I remember storing a pair of earrings (that I'd loved very much) in a jewelry box with cotton. I had taken the hooks of the earrings and stuck it snuggly into the cotton to keep the earring secure (in place) but that was not a good thing to do 🙅🏽. In fact that idea sucked! Lol! The air (oxygen) & cotton caused the metal on the earring hooks to oxidize and become tarnished. I then removed the earrings, changed the hooks and stored them in an air tight plastic bag and that action has preserved the...

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Flash Sale Fridays!! (Beginning this Friday 13th Dec)

Because there are literally 3 Fridays left in this month (and this decade) we thought we'd do a FLASH FRIDAY SALE every Friday until the year ends.  Here's how it works. For every Friday until Friday Dec 27th, we'll be giving you 50% off on ALL items store wide! Here's the thing though, this is a flash sale so the sale will only be for 1 hour every Friday from 1pm to 2pm EST. 

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We're so here for this summer that we created a summer collection called "SUMMER FUN!" Yasssssssss! 🙌🏽😍😁 Have you checked it out yet? We know you haven't which is why we're here today to share with you our summer picks from OUR OWN summer collection 💁🏽. Biased much? I know right! We're shamelessly promoting our own collection and with good reason too. This entire collection isssss .....wait for it....drum rolls please......HANDMADE!!!! Yes! Everything in our summer collection was handcrafted by EVE: The Earring Shop. We are proud of this 😊.

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