Have you looked outside of your window lately? It's absolutely gorgeous!! Why? Because it's summer!!! I personally think that all the seasons are attractive but we cannot deny that summer holds a certain vibrancy and happiness to it. Everything is thriving! Nature is showing off her awesome colors and style and we here at EVE: The Earring Shop are here for it!!

We're so here for this summer that we created a summer collection called "SUMMER FUN!" Yasssssssss! 🙌🏽😍😁 Have you checked it out yet? We know you haven't which is why we're here today to share with you our summer picks from OUR OWN summer collection 💁🏽. Biased much? I know right! We're shamelessly promoting our own collection and with good reason too. This entire collection isssss .....wait for it....drum rolls please......HANDMADE!!!! Yes! 🙌🏽Everything in our summer collection was handcrafted by EVE: The Earring Shop. We are proud of this 😊.

So what are our summer picks from our own collection?🤔 Let's get to it!

No 1:

You absolutely need our "Summer Walk" Bead and Tassel Earrings to continue this summer season. Your style essence depends on it, lol 💁🏽. Seriously 😜. Check out one of our gorgeous customers @jenesis_delights rocking this very earring on two separate occasions 👇🏽

Yup! She looks absolutely gorgeous and you can too! Follow this  👉🏼 link to purchase "Summer Walk" Bead and Tassel Earrings.


No 2:

We just simply cannot get enough of "IMANI" . Check out her effortless beauty below 👇🏽

These pair of earrings scream vacation and long walks on a white sandy beach somewhere exotic. Are you there yet? Grab your Imani earrings before you go! 😜
No 3:
Where would you be this summer without your "Kathy" Glass Bead and Leather Tassel Handmade Earrings? Huh? What's that? In Winter? Yasss! Cold and Colourless! You Don't want that! Add some color to your summer with this gorgeous pair of Earrings 👇🏽
This beautifully hand-crafted, short dangle earring is made of glass beads and leather tassels. It boasts simple sophistication and elegance. It was designed for the confident woman. You know that's you!😜 (See other colors in this style. Only 1 pair of each color is made. All colors are listed separately.)
No. 4
Summer is all about color, so why not incorporate "The Real 4" 😍😍
These beauties were designed & constructed one night while watching an episode of @therealdaytime😊. Like the women @therealdaytime these #earrings are chic, fun, full of flavor, dynamic and they’re definitely fashionable💁🏽. They’re the perfect thing for summer fun.
P.s - Each bead has a different colour, can you guess which one is @comiclonilove @tameramowrytwo @thejeanniemai and @adriennebailon . You have to shop them separately on the site but you can purchase all 4 if you like! 😜 Click each woman's name above to take you to their separate earrings on our website. 
No. 5
Finally, you can't be apart of summer and not have butterflies! We have an entire butterfly collection for summer but here's a customer favorite 👇🏽(Click the pic)
What would summer be without butterflies? Grab a pair of these, "Adele" Butterfly earrings for your favorite niece or better yet, for yourself!  Rock that Boho Chic vibe! You go girl!
There are so many more beautiful earrings from our summer collection! Go see for yourself! 👉🏼here . Most of these genuine, handmade pieces only have one (1) of its kind made. Do you know what that means? If you purchase it, you will be the only one with it!! Talk about uniqueness and individuality! Get yourself a pair of our awesome earrings this summer and if you feel the need, follow us every where (Insta, FB, twitter, youtube), we'll be happy to supply your earring need🤗.
Here's a bonus before you go!😜👇🏽
This beautifully handcrafted, short dangle earring is made of specially painted beads and leather tassels. It is elegant, stylish, unique and a perfect fit for the lady who is all of those qualities and so much more. (See other colors in this style. Only 1 pair of each color is made. All colors are listed separately.)
Leni J

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