Flash Sale Fridays!! (Beginning this Friday 13th Dec)

So the year is winding down! There are only 22 days left in this decade!! Can you believe it? 2019 went by like the snap of a finger! Just like that we're stepping into 2020. Are you ready? You better be!

Because there are literally 3 Fridays left in this month (and this decade) we thought we'd do a FLASH SALE FRIDAY every Friday until the year ends.  Here's how it works. For every Friday until Friday Dec 27th, we'll be giving you 50% off on ALL items store wide! Here's the thing though, this is a flash sale so the sale will only be for 1 hour every Friday from 1pm to 2pm EST or 10 AM to 11 Am PST. Use code FLASH .

Mark your Calendars or start storing your favorite earrings in your cart from today so that when the sale doors open, all you have to do is check out! Ayeeeeee! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🎊 The Sale begins this Friday (Friday 13th December, 2019). Remember the date!

Pass on the good news to your earring loving friend! This deal is too good to keep to yourself!

See you at the store - evetheearringshop.com

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